Our services

At New Creative Advertising Company, we represent ethnic press and digital channels, as well as English language metropolitan and local press and digital across Australia.

We will support you throughout your advertising campaign - from media planning and scheduling, booking, translation, artwork production, through to placement and delivering material. We understand the importance of ROI and provide post-campaign analyses on request.

As ethnic media specialists, we understand the ethnic community in Australia. Our cross-cultural communication skills enable us to offer insights into the needs, culture and lifestyles of your target audience. Our insider knowledge of the purchasing behaviours of ethnic Australian means we can help you tailor messages that will appeal to your target market.

We speak the language of ethnic Australians. Our NAATI-accredited translators and experienced graphic designers deliver creative and engaging advertising.

We provide the following services:

Advise, plan and schedule advertising

Working with your brief, we devise the best and most cost-effective plan and schedule to meet your campaign goals. We offer sound advice and work closely with clients to optimise the effectiveness of advertising campaigns for ethnic and local target markets. We attend to every detail: frequency, content and advertisement size.

Artwork translation

We use NAATI-accredited translators to work on your advertising campaigns. Material is not simply translated word-for-word - cultural, lifestyle and religious differences are accommodated. This ensures your campaign resonates with the right audience and delivers the best return on your investment.

Artwork creation

Our graphic designers are talented and have extensive experience creating print and digital artwork that engages ethnic and local Australian audiences.

Book and place advertising campaigns

Once you give your approval, we go ahead and book all advertising for your campaign with the media. Our sales staff will negotiate the best possible positions to optimise your campaign.

Despatch advertising material

Our long-standing relationships with ethnic and local media make for a reliable and streamlined delivery process. We ensure all material is checked and delivered on-time and to the right person.

Campaign post-analysis

We send you proof of placement for all campaign advertising.